Shit’s Crazy

Baby gave me a lot of insight earlier. He told me that shit does not get easier and that I basically need to suck it up and get it together. I appreciate him and his smooth ass. But I mean, I basically have a plan. Lets see if my birth givers want to invest in this next chapter of my life.

I feel like I got this. If they can take this leap of faith on me, I promise I wont let them down. But I mean, I promise I wont let myself down already. I can not let myself down, I’m all I’ve got.

This is when I stop, and realize how fucking crazy I really am.

I can do this. Small goals. Get a car, get a job, go to school. I can do this. I can save, I can build and I can spend responsibly.

It’s the universe. Shes looking out for me.

I’m exactly where I am supposed to be, right now..


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